2016 brought many changes in my life, and thanks to 11 months of holidays in Mexico, I had plenty of time to organize my dev stuff and finish/close remaining projects.

It has been a year of

  • docker-compose up
  • man git
  • go build
  • gulp test
  • pm2 start --no-daemon process.json
  • _markdown_
  • 😳👌🏻 emojis
  • chilaquiles in Mexico
  • podcasts (read which podcasts I enjoy)
  • e idioma español


I have dockerized 🐳 most of my private projects for the ease of deployment and maintenance. Most of them are hosted on one DigitalOcean droplet, using a docker based proxy to route the traffic.

I have set up monitoring for most of my private websites/services/experiments, using UptimeRobot: and I strive for five 9’s availability.

After looking at Rust, Erlang, Scala and Go, I have finally focused on Golang, and I will definitely continue in 2017. Some code is already out there on GitHub

After years of using git, I have decided to understand all (a lot) aspects of the tool. I have read many tutorials, most of the man pages, and watched hours of videos on YouTube. The result of that research is my git book/ file: that I plan to take further in 2017.

Plans for 2017

  • Become fluent in Golang (I want to be able to rate myself 4 out of 5 for Go knowledge)
  • Contribute to Golang source code
  • Make Git ninja a solid resource for developers
  • Publish at least 55 blog articles on