Welcome to the new version of webascrazy.net!

After I started learning Go earlier this year, I started exploring different tools built using Go. On of them was Hugo a “Static Website Engine”. I decided to give it a try, review its source code - and hopefully soon, also contribute my changes.

This blog is my first blog set up using a static website generator. It is hosted using GitHub Pages.

After several blogs I have started, using Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger.com, Evernote + postach.io, I feel that using a static website generator is like having everything under control. I am a developer, and I using markdown feel super natural, and I don’t have to leave my cave (Atom + iTerm apps on OSX) to write and publish the articles. It is simple, fast and you can influence every single aspect of it (like building a vanilla html + css website - but faster).

I will be publishing at least 1 article per week in 2017 - that is one of the new year’s resolutions!

The previous version is still available here: http://v1.webascrazy.net